This is a workshop hosted By The Centrepiece and Brant Bambery – bringing you dynamic and inspiring workshops.

23rd August 2021 @ 18:30 – 21:30 BST UK TIME

“Across the Lands”

A new way of Journeying to another Culture and meeting each land and its Sacred Dance Teachers.


This workshop is open to everyone, beginners to advanced. Those interested in Culture & Sacred Dance/ Circle Dance.


About the workshop

The symbol of “duality” will be explored allowing the power of dance to harmonize the masculine and feminine forces that live in us. The harmonic union and the creative dance of the two polarities generate Life.

The Two Origins

and the upper and lower worlds

they are the principles of the Universe.

Everything is merged together

from the creative force of magnetic attraction.

Infinity I, 204

We’ll be dancing about 5 new choreographed dances created by Italian teachers, adapted to be danced online, expressing the theme of duality or embodying the energetic and symbolic qualities generally attributed to these two universal forces.

Some of these dances were used in the 7th biennial Italian Festival of Sacred Circle Dance of 2019 with the theme “In the duality the game of opposites” prepared by the Italian Association of Sacred Circle Dance.

Carolina will also teach us about her country, of how and why in the Italian tradition the symbol linked to duality is very present in the numerous couple dances present in the area.


Notations for all the dances in Italian and in English, a list of the music of which all can be bought on ITunes/Amazon, Video file Mp4. All will be shared on Google Drive with participants.


Carolina Botti has been teaching Sacred Circle Dance for 34 years in Italy and abroad. She was a Resource Person for the Findhorn Community for many years, where she trained as a teacher in 1990, later expanding her training with other teachers and studying traditional Italian dances. She has collaborated closely with Anna Barton since 1985 (the year of her first arrival in Italy) during her workshops and conducting with her the first two Italian training courses between 1998-2002.

She has worked for over twenty years in the school with children from 3 to 10 years and with teachers, creating the D.S.C. “Girodanzointondo” (Turn-dance-around in a circle) and creating numerous dances for children.

She is the president of the “Associazione Italiana Danza Sacra in Cerchio” (Italian Association of Sacred Circle Dance) founded in 2008 to coordinate Italian teachers and currently she has been conducting training courses in Italy since 2009.

She creates numerous choreographies including the “Danze della Luce” (Dances of Light) based on the 12th century music by Hildegard von Bingen and medieval-inspired dances, for which she also directs the specifically dedicated group “Circulus Stellarum”. She loves to create dances inspired by nature, meditation, the sacredness of the feminine, the cultures of the Native North Americans (for which she has activated a support project).

With joy She dedicates herself to the coordination of the Italian teachers of the Association, experimenting with them in the concrete, the creative power that group work based on spiritual principles brings with it, including the value of cooperation that the practice of Sacred Circle Dance stimulates in each of us.

Carolina Botti has also presented her work on “The Centrepiece” Sessions and many online workshops.

The Centrepiece is delighted to bring you this Session

Live from Italy

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