This is a workshop hosted by The Centrepiece and Brant Bambery – bringing you dynamic and inspiring workshops.

16th October 2022 @ 18:00 – 20:00 BST UK TIME

“Across the Lands”

A new way of Journeying to another Culture and meeting each land and its Sacred Dance Teachers.


This workshop is open to everyone, beginner to advanced. Those interested in Culture & Sacred/Circle Dance.


A personalised tour from the presenter who takes us on a journey of their dancing life and country from their perspective… with slideshows & videos (on some occasions) and always Dancing!

About the workshop

The Centrepiece is delighted to bring you this Session

Journey to Brazil With Renata Ramos
We take a tour with one of our fantastic presenters & Teachers Renata as she introduces us to the The Light Of Brazil! Venture across the sea to meet the circles and land, the wonderful spirit and culture of Brazil.

Renata & Brant Dance in The Universal Hall

The Light Of Brazil

Dear Friends from the Circle Dance universe,

I would like to introduce you to the LIGHT side of my country, Brazil. In these dark times in which we live, there is nothing better than
illuminating the essence of countries so that we can connect through the soul of each one.
Brazil is the fifth largest existing country, behind Russia, Canada, China, and the United States.
Its area is so large that, by way of comparison, it is slightly smaller than Europe. We are 215
million inhabitants!

In 1988, the Federal Constitution divided the country into FIVE REGIONS: North, Northeast,
Midwest, Southeast and South, which facilitates our understanding of cultural differences and
such a large country, but which has Portuguese in common, while the others South American
countries speak Spanish. Different colonizations!
Having the FIVE REGIONS as a guide, I intend to walk through the Great Brazilian Network of
Circular Dance bringing a dance and a teacher of each one of them. This is a difficult task, since Circular Dance in Brazil is extremely widespread.
Looking forward to meeting you at Brant Bambery’s The Cenetrepiece on October 16, 2022!

With Love


Dance with Renata she brings great dances from Brazil and some of her repertoire!

A Luz do Brasil, com Renata C L Ramos
Queridos amigos do universo da Dança Circular, eu gostaria de apresentar a vocês o lado LUZ do meu país, o Brasil. Nestes tempos escuros em que vivemos, nada melhor do que iluminar a essência dos países para que possamos nos conectar pela alma de cada um.
O Brasil é o quinto maior país existente, ficando atrás de Rússia, Canadá, China e Estados
Unidos. Sua área é tão grande que, a título de comparação, é pouco menor que a Europa.
Somos 215 milhões de habitantes!

Em 1988 a constituição Federal dividiu o país em CINCO REGIÕES: Norte, Nordeste, CentroOeste, Sudeste e Sul, o que facilita nosso entendimento das diferenças culturais e um país tão grande, mas que tem em comum a língua portuguesa, enquanto os outros países da América do Sul falam espanhol. Colonizações diferentes!
Tendo as cinco regiões como guia, pretendo passear pela Grande Rede Brasileira de Dança
Circular trazendo uma dança e um focalizador de cada uma delas. Essa é uma tarefa difícil, já
que a Dança Circular no Brasil é extremamente difundida.
Ansiosa por encontrá-los no CENTREPIECE de Brant Bambery dia 16 de outubro 2022


List of details about dances and music – possible notations (to be confirmed)


Renata Ramos & Brant Bambery

Live with Renata Ramos from Brazil – linking to Findhorn Community and Global Online Sacred Dance.

Renata Ramos

Renata Ramos encountered sacred dance during her Experience Week at the Findhorn Community in Scotland in 1992. She lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil and since 1991 has been running a Publishing House with her sister and a friend. Renata has been organising sacred dance events in Brazil since 1995 and during the years she became a well known focaliser and an important presence in the expansion of Circle Dance in Brazil. And organises event in person and online. Her website is here

Brant Bambery will host the event supporting the “Across the Lands” in bringing you interesting content for the Dancer in you!

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