This is a workshop hosted By The Centrepiece and Brant Bambery – bringing you dynamic and inspiring workshops.

Sunday 19th September 2021 @ 19:30 – 21:30

Who is this Workshop For?

Anyone with an adventurous spirit who loves music and dance and enjoys spontaneity and free expression.

What’s On Offer:

Beth Green, the improvisational pianist and composer, AKA ‘Granny Rocks’,  is bringing “The Centrepiece” her special brand of being intuitive with music and free dance. We are coming together in an exciting, vibrant and interactive event that we can experience together on Zoom.

As time allows, there will be a chance for you to introduce yourself to us and Beth, and she will intuit a personal song just for you, right there in this session!

Beth will improvise on the piano, and you can dance and express yourself freely. But this will be interactive, so in addition, you will be invited to suggest a mood, a season, or some other theme, and I will freely improvise piano music that relates to that theme while you dance and express yourself as well.

Let your Body move with the Music freeing the creativity inside

There will be time for expressions and to share thoughts – in other words a large musical sharing space. Beth will interact and create a piece of music especially for a few of you given time, right on the spot.

We will have Brant Bambery hosting, who will guide us through the process of interacting during the session. We will have my husband, “Sweet Baby” James will be taking care of the chat so lots of sweet conversation to have. Let’s dive deep into the intuitive free movement of the piano together.

The lines of communication are open. This is going to be so creative and so much fun! Let’s freely improvise our lives together!

Host: Brant Bambery, Chat support James Maynard

Presenter Profile

Beth Green

Beth Green is an improvisational pianist with two weekly live streams on her Facebook page – here

Beth has an amazing personal story as well. She studied classical piano until the age of 15, when she had to stop playing due to chronic illness and disability. At 73, she was guided by the inner voice to buy an acoustic piano and to only improvise, and the miracle happened. Improvising is compatible for her body, and she has found her voice in music.

Her music is intuitively guided, moving, beautiful and nurturing to the soul.

Beth is an intuitively-guided counselor, the author of 6 books, an inspirational speaker and workshop leader, as well as a musician.

She has also composed six albums of music, including her latest one “Peace Beyond Reason: Piano Improvisations from the Soul” unlike the other albums, it is an entire album of improvised piano music. She also does a great video blog called the Improvisational Pianist on her YouTube channel Beth Green TV.

Social Media & Other Links:

Website & Youtube

Facebook, featuring two weekly livestreams Granny Rocks & Beth Green’s Magical Piano Improvisations

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Brant Bambery

Brant Bambery

Brant will also be Hosting the sessions, see more about Brant here

Sunday 19th September 2021 @ 19:00 – 20:30

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Cost £8 / £10 / £15 : Please pay whatever you can afford.