This is a workshop hosted By The Centrepiece and Brant Bambery – bringing you dynamic and inspiring workshops.

10 – 11 April 2021 @ 2pm  – 5:30pm

“Avalon’s magic is not received for the first time.  It is not for strangers. If your heart has heard this call, it is because Avalon is waiting for you again.”

WHO FOR? – Dancers of all experience level can safely take something away from this delightful workshop. Like mythology this is a perfectly blended mix of dances full of meaning and grace.


About the workshop

Tatiana is a born researcher and has gone to great lengths to give birth to The World of Avalon. Provided with her psychological knowledge she sews the Sacred Circle Dances with the archetypes of Avalon mythology. The workshop is a journey to understand the protagonism of feminine energy in the context of the evolutionary process of Mother Earth and of humanity itself.”


Saturday 10th April – 2pm – 5:30pm – Journey with Tatiana in her “World of Avalon”

Sunday 11th April – 2pm – 5:30pm – Journey with Tatiana in her “World of Avalon”

Both days will have short tea breaks and a chance for questions.


Tatiana Gorenstein

Tatiana Gorenstein is an eternal dance lover. She started dancing at the age of 4 and never stopped pouring her heart into this passion. She is a Sacred Circle Dance teacher and choreographer.

Tatiana is also a Psychologist. She discovered the Sacred Circle Dances while specializing in Gestalt Therapy in 2010. She has been a Sacred Circle Dance teacher since 2013 and runs workshops since 2015. 

In her own words: “To teach is also never stop being a dancer, which just emphasizes the Sacred Dances circularity. And the realm of the Sacred Circle Dances is about being open to learn, to change, to transcend, and to be the best version of ourselves as human beings.”

Tatiana attended several workshops and seminars with Nanni Kloke, Judy King, Stefan Freedman, Renata Ramos, Ahmet Luleci, Gwyn Peterdi, Pablo Scornik, Sergio Malqui, Fleur de Wet, Kyriakos Moisidis, Yves Moreau, Michael Ginsburg, among others. She also participated in Circle Dances Festivals in Brazil and Argentina. 

Her authorial work includes a range of Circle Dances. She has been invited to lead workshops in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Netherlands and Portugal.

Tatiana has also presented her work on “The Centrepiece” Sessions and many online workshops.

The Centrepiece is delighted to bring you this peaceful and deep workshop translated for the first time into English!!!

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