5th June 2021 @ 19:30pm UK BST Time

A Centrepiece Special Session – bringing you inspirational and creative talent.

Walking in The Light With Kathy Bullock, Barbara Swetina and Brant Bambery. A night of passion and fun, let us shake off our fear and bring in the light!!! With Singing and Dancing we will light up our souls and spark a change which will resonate throughout the world! 


Dancers of all levels will enjoy our session dances which will be taught.

Singer and dancers of all ages who are interested in an uplifting night of Sacred & Universal Peace Dances… Lyrics to sing along with will be shared.


Sacred & Universal Peace Dances, which will be taught by Brant & Barbara Swetina. Sing along with us as Kathy Bullock brings a mixture of songs to us from her vast experience of gospel music, spirituals and classical works.

A chance to bring peace through singing and dancing with a Gospel context and a few favourite songs from the Findhorn Community also Kathy’s and Barbara’s repertoire.

Let’s be together walking in the light

Included : Session and Song and Dance list – Video will be recorded and put on The Centrepiece Session’s youtube channel here


Kathy Bullock

Dr. Kathy Bullock is an educator, scholar, singer, accompanist, arranger and choral conductor who specializes in gospel music, spirituals and classical works by composers from the African diaspora. A Professor Emerita of Music from Berea College in Berea, Kentucky, she is currently teaching, performing, and conducting workshops and other programs on African American music throughout the United States, Europe, and Africa.

She has also many times given workshops in The Universal Hall and with The Findhorn community. Kathy appeared on “The Centrepiece” in 2020

Barbara Swetina

Barbara Swetina – I am a musician and I have lived in the Findhorn Community since 1984. I love getting people together to sing. In my experience it is one of the fastest ways for a group of people to connect with Spirit and with each other. Through my life in the community I meet a wide variety of people from many backgrounds and therefore I have had the chance to learn songs from all over the world. Many of my favorite songs were recorded here in the community.

In my heart I see a singing planet, many people gathering in different places on the globe to sing, dance and pray together. In so doing sacred space is created, moments where we are reminded of the love and harmony which is our essence and birthright. I love setting up such spaces here in Findhorn. Traveling I meet fellow troubadours and artists and we create such events together.

Inspired by the Taizé community in France, I have started a practice called Taizé singing in Findhorn. We start every day with half an hour of devotional singing in the morning. Great for opening the heart!

I am part of the Findhorn Foundation’s Outreach faculty and teach workshops all over Europe as well as internationally (Australia, Brazil, Hawaii, Japan, Russia and the USA). I play many instruments (piano, accordion, flute, recorders, guitar and harp), have a wide repertoire of songs and dances & I really enjoy teaching.

Brant Bambery

You will receive a list of the music and dances after the event

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5th June 2021 @ 19:30pm UK BST Time

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