Hello and welcome to my website!

Brant Bambery

I am a Sacred dancer based in the Findhorn spiritual / eco village community in the rural Scottish Highlands. Surrounded by a very beautiful landscape and an international vibe as the people who come to live in our community are from every part of the world from Brazil to Japan. I love meeting new people and learning about people’s culture.

I am Scottish and was raised in Edinburgh, I moved to the Findhorn Community in 2015. I have always been into the Arts from an early age and have taken part in many Edinburgh festival productions and a travelling musical. I hold a CPD certificate in Sacred Dance teacher training – (Teacher training 2018 with peter vallance and Judith Bone) I have also been training with great teachers in the Findhorn Sacred Dance group. They have been a huge inspiration to me, my love of traditional and circle dancing has grown and I believe these dances hold a very special place in both community and healing.

My first introduction to Sacred Dance was through attending a weekly circle group in Kinross where I danced with the teachers Rose Cross and Lynne Barrow. I’m pleased to say their group is going strong and flourishing.

I found the dances had a healing quality and helped me recover from a period of illness. I was surprised when I could once again feel freedom and be in my body again! This journey has been a very sweet and tender journey which has lead me to a passion which is still burning!

I believe the dances should be available to everyone and I would like share the deep sense of meditation, traditional and choreographed circle dances bring me.

Recently within the Covid times I began the online monthly event “The Centrepiece” sessions on 02/03/20 Online Global Sacred Dance which has now had sessions at The Findhorn Sacred Dance Festival and The Edinburgh Festival fringe 2021/22. Come Join our Vibrant circle community.

I hope to see you all at Saturday Morning Sacred Dance in the Findhorn Community, or on the road if I come to join you!