10th July 2022 @ 15:20 – 17:30 (3:20pm – 5:30pm) UK TIME

WCDD Live From Universal Hall @ Findhorn Sacred Dance Festival!

Online Session 33


The Centrepiece sessions is an online Global Sacred Dance event which takes place monthly. It started as a result of the world Covid pandemic and was born of my passion for Sacred/Circle/Traditional dance. The event has become a regular meeting place for teachers and dancers alike who enjoy this energy and connecting once a month. We have presenters from across the globe who come to share their repertoire in Sacred/Circle or Traditional dance. We offer a mix of lively and meditative dances, poetry, cultural interests and sometimes talks from those who have been in the field for a long time. We aim to keep the event free to all who come with one mini festival a year (first one is March 2022) and ongoing specials sessions. Come along and join in our friendly Circle dance family connecting across the globe. We look forward to dancing with you soon.

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Brant Bambery (Founder & Host)

Tune In

Tuning in with the group around The Centrepiece! Bringing the Global family to together as one.


Presenters will give a short description of dance with steps. We will then dance.


Tune the group out followed by a social chat (room will be left open for 30 mins) Connect with everyone from a round the world and hear what events are happening globally.

Come and join our Global Family of Circle Dancers

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About Next Session – Sunday 10th July 2022 @ 3:20pm uk time

 “WCDD Live from Universal Hall @ FIndhorn Sacred Dance Festival 2022

Live From The Universal Hall In Findhorn Community! We come to you with The WCDD Dances and more @ The Findhorn Sacred Dance Festival 2022.

Join us on Sunday 10th July for a wonderful array of presenters all live from Findhorn and in person – Zooming into your home bringing you closer to the festival!

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Guests – Gwyn Peterdi – Will Join live with Bobbi Bailin

Dance – Brant Bambery – Scotland/Findhorn

Dances – Peter Vallance – Scotland/Findhorn

Dances – Laura Shannon – Greece/Findhorn

Music – Iona Leigh Housby

Dances – Renata Ramos – Brazil

Dances – Barbara Swetina – Scotland/ Findhorn

Dance – Tatiana Gorenstein – Brazil

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