Sat – 25th July 2020 @19:30 BST UK TIME

The Centrepiece – Session 7

Hello Friends,

Session 7 was a wonderful night, how lovely to have the chance to try all the “World Circle Dance Day” dances. A big thank you to all the presenters and also Emma for her technical support.

I am now looking forward to session 8 and hope to bring you some interesting and exciting dances. 
We have had many requests for “The Green Tree” again and I will lead the dance again soon. Michael McGahon, the composer of The Green Tree, will hopefully also be back and playing live. I have been enjoying listening to his music in the car, I recommend it for driving as well as dancing 🙂

I would like to remind you that Shakeh Major Tchilingirian has a Workshop online at the Armenian institute where she is also talking about Armenia and teaching some dances this coming Monday 6th July.

Laura Shannon also has a Women’s Ritual dance workshop, for more details see here. I hope you all enjoyed your World Circle Dance Day and managed to video your dances, I always look forward to watching the dances on WCDD website.

My own workshop went really well recently and due to demand I will be running it again in the future.

Thank you for your continued support on this project.

See you all at The Centrepiece Session 8 on 25 July 2020.


Ps: Next sessions presenters will appear below in the coming weeks

I invite you to tune in with peace and compassion, come sit around ‘The Centrepiece’ with us!

The Centrepiece session 7

Tune In

A nice relaxing tuning in to the group around The Centrepiece!


A short description of dance with steps. Dancing the dances with teacher.


Tune the group out followed by a social chat (room will be left open for 30 mins)

No payment required – Join Here

Videos and Session Notations – Will be updated soon 04/07/20

Please do not share videos on YouTube or Facebook. For community resource only.

We will be using our new YouTube channel as soon as we have time to cut zoom videos

Check out videos above to know the dance before you attend although dances will also be taught in the session.

About Session 8 – More Info Coming soon

Dance Leaders who will bring a Dance – The order of teachers will change – Updates coming soon!

DanceBrant Bambery

Dance – Shakeh Major Tchilingirian

Dance – Patrizia Subazzoli

Poetry – Coming soon

Dance – Coming soon

Dance – Coming soon

Dance – Coming soon

Let’s dance online together.