The Centrepiece – Session 19

Sat 29th May 2021 @ 19:30 BST UK TIME

Dancing on the Dancing Green in Findhorn Community

Hello Friends,

I hope this news finds you well and peaceful!

I had a great time listening and dancing to Andrea Godoy’s voice on  last night’s “The Centrepiece” Session, I love the community feeling it gave the session. I felt the sunshine in the group as we danced with Lesley Laslett to Asha Quinn’s music which you can watch on his YouTube channel here and he also performs mini concerts which you can find here

Our friend Trixie Luck had the happy and jolly dance – Faun which I must take to the group as it is a fun community dance, maybe one for the Wednesday nights with guests 🙂 Great as always having Amanda back with us, she is a great teacher who brings a variety of dances with a beautiful way of teaching. It was great to see her dance with her mother!

Nataliiya Litvinchuk taught us how to use a shawl in dance, I thought Kunie did well with this, it was very nice to see everyone trying in the Zoom gallery! If you have interest in this or Ariadne the links can be found below on the presenter’s list.

Also my thanks go out to Rosie who took on the task of talking about The Park as the Fires have concerned lots of people. I asked Rosie to say the words as it felt right and she was perfect in delivering what everyone needed to hear. The messages keep coming and it has been overwhelming for me and I am sure other members in the community.
When Dorota (thank you my friend) said about the poetry in the original garden it was so perfect and I have included a picture (below) so you can read it. May it bring comfort and peace to all.

Please look out for “The Centrepiece” in May, details below.


I invite you to tune in with peace and compassion, come sit around ‘The Centrepiece’ with us!

Tune In

Tuning in with the group around The Centrepiece! helping our Global family to connect.


Presenters will give a short description of dance with steps. We will then dancing the with teacher spotlighted.


Tune the group out followed by a social chat (room will be left open for 30 mins) Connect with everyone from a round the world and hear what events are happening globally.

Our youtube channel now has the Anna Barton session 2 – you can now see it – click here

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About Next Session – Saturday 29th May 2021

Dance Leaders Globally who will bring a Dance – The order of teachers will change – Theme “Connection in Movement” What moves you from within?

Dance – Brant BamberyScotland

Talk Gabriele Wosien – Comments on + a filmed danced pilgrimage – Germany

Dance – Nanni Kloke – Portugal – Germany

Poetry/Music – Coming soon

Dance Pia Lamberth – Sweden

Dance – Phil Smith – South Africa

Dance Carolina Botti – Italy

Next dates are: 29th May 26th June 2021

Let’s dance online together.

Our Grandmother of Sacred Dance Bowl – session 10