The Centrepiece – Session 14

Saturday 12th Dec @ 19:30 BST UK TIME

Hello Friends,

Thanks to all teachers who taught at last night’s Centrepiece session 13 and to Emma for the tech support! It was a beautiful array of dances with a peaceful, magical and touching experience.

It was nice to hear Gabriele Wosien speak of her new book “Making Wishes” which is available – Click here and is sure to be a good read for those interested in Dance… ‘Making wishes and the casting and breaking of spells are the central themes woven into the tissue of fairy tales and myths.’

I always enjoy meeting and chatting with everyone in our world wide session, regulars are what make it “The Centrepiece” the friendly chats and warm smiles make me very comfortable with presenting. I love to dance and hear everyone’s stories about their dances, it’s an inspiring insight into everyone’s dance world.

Tatiana Gorestein pointed out that session 13 was our Bar Mitzvah which made me smile :)it seems we have matured into a large Global Family.

I have been very touched by the emails everyone sends and all the updates on what is happening in your area, with the Covid-19 situation it feels like we have a connection which sustains us all and keeps us somehow in our circle of light. I appreciate the emails, thanks to all who connect with me. I feel full of gratitude that everyone feels they can approach The Centrepiece in harmony. 

The next session is the Christmas Special which I will be bringing to you on 12th December 2020 look for details below & newsletter in the coming weeks.


PS Yvonne Cuneo is running an upcoming workshop for the ‘Solstice Retreat’ which you can sign up for here

I invite you to tune in with peace and compassion, come sit around ‘The Centrepiece’ with us!

Tune In

A nice relaxing tuning in to the group around The Centrepiece!


A short description of dance with steps. Dancing the dances with teacher.


Tune the group out followed by a social chat (room will be left open for 30 mins)

No payment required – Join Here

Videos and Session Notations

We will sending out all information for you to connect with teachers in our newsletter

Alternatively see our session history on this page to connect with teachers for notations.

Also see our youtube channel here

Our Findhorn Special session 11 – was a beautiful night of Heavenly music and Dances

About Next Session – Saturday 12th Dec

Dance Leaders Globally who will bring a Dance – The order of teachers will change – Updates coming soon! (Bring a small candle or light to dance with – Optional)

We are luck enough to have another reading from – Our Friend!

Reading – Gabriele Wosien – on our Christmas Special

Dance – Andrea Leoncini Brazil

Dance – Shakeh Major TchilingirianArmenia – England

Music – Coming soon once finalized

DanceRenata Ramos Brazil

Dance – Peter VallanceScotland

Dance – Brant Bambery Scotland

Let’s dance online together.

Our Grandmother of Sacred Dance Bowl – session 10