The Centrepiece – Session 17 Sat 27th March 2021 @ 19:30 BST UK TIME

Hello Friends,

Thanks to all the teachers who taught at last night’s ‘Centrepiece’ Session 16 and to everyone for their support, it is much appreciated.

It was a celebration of the flower world, and so lovely to see everyone dance. I hope you all had a good time?

thoroughly enjoyed dancing to the live music which Kate & Rory O’Connell brought to us. The mixture of Kate’s wonderful voice and Rory on the Clarinet was sublime.

I was happy to hear the presenters let us know about their encounters with flowers, I especially loved Laura’s slide show with St John’s Wort, a lovely insight and dance.

The potato flower dance from Bobbi was such fun, myself and Kunie enjoyed this one, and I definitely want to do this at a group soon!

Liz Hammer’s dance was a
familiar one which was very flowing and reminded me of dancing in the hall. Sonia Lima brought a great piece of music which had lovely movements, again a dance I’d like to try again at some point. It was lovely to dance to that beautiful music.

Francescea’s Daffodil poem fitted in perfectly… and left me thinking ‘are there many daffodil dances?’ I guess I will have to research this 🙂

Lastly Snowdrop was perfect. After dancing with Alison in the Sunshine room at the community I had to have her present this to you all. At this time of the year with all these little white beauties popping up it was great timing…

Thank you all for coming and showing us your flower dances.

So the next session dates are:

22nd Feb – Stefan freedman with his Design a dance workshop – Book here

7th March –
With Yvonne Cuneo and Brant Bambery – Circle dance you way to joy – Book here

20 March –
Celebration with Kate & Rory O’Connell, Peter Vallance & Brant Bambery – Book here

27th March –
The Centrepiece session – Spirit of IndiaJoin Here

April 10 -11 –
Tatiana Gorenstein – World of Avalon (English version) – Book here

I am looking forward to March as we have a fundraising/contribution special with Peter Vallance’s Indian dance night joining – The Centrepiece! Bringing back fond memories of being in the Universal Hall together. All contributions from this session will go towards the Findhorn Sacred Dance Festival to help bring you a wonderful festival in some format this year.

The website will be updated in the next week with the teachers for the next session of “The Centrepiece” Let’s flow into the energy of the spirit of India for our next dance together, feel free to dress up for this occasion and bring a candle to light together around the Centrepiece.


PS You will find the next sessions presenter below in the next few days!

As people had been asking, our youtube channel now has the Anna Barton session 2 – you can now see it – click here

I invite you to tune in with peace and compassion, come sit around ‘The Centrepiece’ with us!

Tune In

Tuning in with the group around The Centrepiece! helping our Global family to connect.


Presenters will give a short description of dance with steps. We will then dancing the with teacher spotlighted.


Tune the group out followed by a social chat (room will be left open for 30 mins) Connect with everyone from a round the world and hear what events are happening globally.

Missed a session? see our youtube channel here, the session will be recorded and edited for youtube within two weeks of the event date.

No payment required

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Videos and Session Notations

We will sending out all information for you to connect with teachers in our newsletter were you will receieve our zoom code, near event time.

Alternatively see our session history on this page to connect with teachers for notations.

Join our circle and connect across the globe!

About Next Session – Saturday 27th March 2021

Dance Leaders Globally who will bring a Dance – The order of teachers will change – Updates coming soon!

Dance Peter Vallance – Scotland

Dance – Chrisandra Harris – England

Dance – Brant Bambery – Scotland

Chants/Music Mumta Ito – Scotland

Dance – Renata Ramos – Brazil

Dance – Kathryn Kusa – Scotland

Next dates are: 27th March, 24th April, 29th May 2021

Let’s dance online together.

Our Grandmother of Sacred Dance Bowl – session 10