Time to Harvest

The Centrepiece – Session 24

30th October 2021 @ 19:30 BST UK TIME

“The House of Endless Love”

Host Brant Bambery

Dear Dancing Friends,

What a lovely night it was around “The Centrepiece” last night. Blessed with contentment and joy of Harvest time!

I never talked about the field and the hay bales which I had 
intended to so I will mention them here instead 🙂 Staying in a rural area allows me to watch closely to nearby fields which helps keeps me in time with the seasons. The process starts each year with the field being sowed and eventually I see the hay bales being rolled up and taken to feed the cattle or even the horses which stay in and around the community. I then know it is time to surrender to the changing season.

It reminds me, that the harvest is very much part of the soul of my family’s history. My
Grandmother’s, who was a farmer’s daughter in Ireland, told me stories of how it was all “hands on deck” in the community to get the food harvested and ready for Winter… and they didn’t stop until they saw the moon. They never had the mighty machinery which we have now!

Last night has given me the contentment which brings about peace especially the poetry, what a lovely piece to bring to The Centrepiece from Maria-Rita Boyart. I think we need to share it…

I wish to thank all the presenters involved for such a wonderful mix of traditional and choreographed dances. It was lovely to have Rosie, Hazel, Chrissandra and Stefan back on the screen. They all bring such beautiful flavours of dances to our Centrepiece circles. Also nice to welcome Christiana Menezes who I’m sure will return to be with us. With her vast amount of beautiful choreographed dances, I can’t wait to see more!

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I invite you to tune in with peace and compassion, come sit around ‘The Centrepiece’ with us!

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Presenters will give a short description of dance with steps. We will then dancing the with teacher spotlighted.


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Session 23 “Harvest Moon 2021”

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Dance Leaders Globally who will bring a Dance

Dance – Brant Bambery – Scotland

Dance – Lesley Laslett – England

Dance – Fido Wagler

Poetry & Music – Mirabai Musgrave

Dance – Maris Warrior (Dakini) – Estonia/Scotland

Dance – Kevin Mayers – USA

Dance – Frances Rose – Brazil

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