Findhorn Sacred Dance Groups –

Tues,Weds & Saturdays

Findhorn Sacred Dance

Tuesday group – Experiance Dancers – (In The Universal Hall or Cluny Ballroom) – Connect for further info – Here

Various Sacred Dance Teachers – such as Peter Vallance, Kathryn Kusa , Katherina Kroeber, Francesca Stridgen and Brant Bambery.

July – 2021

More coming soon

August – 2021

The Centrepiece Special – Roots of Sacred Dance

With Friedel Kloke Eibl

“The Centrepiece” Sessions special

We will learn more about the roots of Sacred Dance with Friedel and her guests which were closely working with Bernhard Wosien for many years. A chance to be with Friedel and hear about “The Roots of Sacred Dance” What it means to her after many years experience in this field. Also a continuation from her talk on The Centrepiece 20

14th August 2021 – @ 18:00 BST UK TIME

Across The Lands

Centrepiece Presents

A new way of Journeying to another Culture and meeting each land and its Sacred Dance Teachers.

Journey across the lands to Italy & meet the duality which we will explore allowing the power of dance to harmonise the masculine and feminine forces that live in us.

The harmonic union and the creative dance of the two polarities generate Life.
Meet Italian Culture!

23th August @ 18:30 -21:30 BST

The Corona Suite

With Pia Lamberth

Everyone who is returning to the suite or is happy with minimal teaching can experience the “Corona Suite” danced as a whole with Pia Lamberth.

We have for a long time been dancing alone at home or outdoors and far apart so we began to look closer at what that meant for the dances and for us as dancers.

As this is a returner’s session, if you require notation and music (£10) before the workshop please see bookings page below

“Come Dance the corona suite”

30th August @ 14:30 -17:00 BST

The Centrepiece Session 22 – 28th August – This is Sacred Dance

With Brant Bambery

“The Centrepiece” Sessions online Sacred Dance

“I invite you to tune in with peace and compassion, come sit around ‘The Centrepiece’ with us!“

“This is Sacred Dance”

Welcoming guests from Around the world as we are excited to announce we are taking part in…

“Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2021!”

As a response to the Covid-19 virus Brant Bambery created an online session platform for Sacred / Circle / Traditional Dance to allow us to connect in this new situation. My vision was to meet online via Zoom (online video conferencing) and even though we can’t dance in our local dance circles we can meet in our own living rooms.

Session 22 on 28th August

Free Event

Surrender to Dance Group

With Brant Bambery

“Surrender to dance group”

Coming soon date to be confirmed this is my monthly group using Surrender to dance principles and starting in August we will look at some of the dances learnt over the year within “The Centrepiece” Sessions will be bookable here

Also see: #WeeWalks contemplation walks in and around Moray hopefully further in the future! – Via Patreon and occasionally on my Facebook page

Past Sessions 2019 – July 2021

The Centrepiece sessions past sessions can be seen on our youtube channel

You can now watch free online

Other sessions hosted By Brant Bambery & The Centrepiece

Join Living room Lip Sync here – New session will be done in February 2021!

Brant Bambery is zoom host for for this madcap Community night in December (something a little different for our Findhorn/wider community Events) more info coming soon
Beautiful dance session with Gratitude