Dancing into 2021

November/December At the start of 2020 I wanted to go to another country and learn some dances in the traditional way, but alas we ended up with a bit of a situation world wide so it never happened. Instead I ended up learning from scratch how to utilise Zoom and be on screen! And although … Continue reading Dancing into 2021

The fire we walk through

I have been thinking a lot about our world situation and how it has opened up so much discussion, both good and bad, within the world. I was inspired to seek my refuge in dancing online in the midst of all this mayhem. It has certainly been a year remember! I realise that many people … Continue reading The fire we walk through

Findhorn Sacred Dance Fest 2019

The 2019 Sacred Dance Festival ended on Saturday after a week of dancing with 75+ people in the Universal Hall in our ECO village community. An amazing array of people arrived on Saturday and quickly settled into dancing from 9am until 10:30pm and even in the cafe afterward. We had a large group from Brazil … Continue reading Findhorn Sacred Dance Fest 2019