The start of March had been great with Wednesday Sacred Dance nights starting to get busier, myself and Katharina had a beautiful group attend and it gave me a chance to practice some of my dances. One which has become a firm favourite is an Icelandic dance and I shall be teaching it at my workshop sessions in the future, it is fun and accessible.

Johanna’s beautiful centrepiece from our Tuesday group

The Tuesday group has been revisiting Nanni Kloke dances which is delightful for me as I do like the music so much. The dynamic movement allows me to have bigger movements which I love. I also lead Zacharoula a few times as it is a fantastic Balkan tune which is now one of my favourite dances. 

It has been a new experience this few weeks with the international emergency surrounding the Covid-19 virus with our group and workshop leaders in and around our community, each considering how to approach the situation. Our group decided initially to go with precautions of advice about hand washing, coughing out with the circle and offering sanitizers. This rapidly changed with all groups around the world having to cancel workshops and sessions, a twist we never saw coming. So for now we have the situation where The Findhorn Foundation and community workshops are closed until the virus has decreased. I will update people as we go, there is community spirit around with both Facebook groups and local people helping deliver food and mail to vulnerable people. I have been working with The New Findhorn Association to provide people information and general help. 

Thanks to Aurora imaging Dorothy’s 100th Birthday
(2 months ago)

In the Findhorn Community we had the sad news of Dorothy Maclean’s passing on the 12 March 2020 just a few months after her 100th Birthday. I send my love to her family at this time. I will remember her for her love of Hot Chocolate, showing me maps of where she had visited in the world,  quite a lady with a fun spirit. We will miss seeing her around the park. 

I will never look at a woollen rainbow hat in the same way again!

We are postponing our Ormiston “Spring Tonic” workshop until further notice (due to the virus). Thanks to Audicia at the State Theta Galleries who kindly offered us the space. We look forward to coming in the future!

If circumstances allow I have a “Surrender to Dance” workshop session running on the 30th May 2020 in the Sunshine Room. You can book this event through eventbrite Let’s hope that the situation improves before then.

I was also happy to be asked to write an article for The Grapevine magazine, which is in the Spring 2020 Edition. How exciting, it is always great to share some good news. I love the interesting things which go on in circles which I can read about and connect with. A great resource for looking for new workshops or catching you favourite teachers!

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Going into the future, the next few weeks are looking like a lot of my work will be done from home! (with all the virus isolation happening) so it was nice to see people taking to dancing online together. I may join and dance with you when I can. Lovely to see Circle dance for all doing videos with a fun vibe! Well done! It is great in this time to support everyone who will be staying indoors, let’s get moving around! I have also been dancing on the beaches when spare time permits and it is great to get some fresh air while practising steps, lots of notation reading ahead! I do like to cosy up with a bundle of notation sheets to relax.

I hope to get our group connected for sessions within the isolation period. We are looking at Zoom ( A video messaging software )

Look at my new page as I am going to take a brave step into the online world of dance.

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