Dancing into 2020

It has been a fantastic year for me in both the Sacred Dance and Findhorn community.

I have had so much fun working within ‘meditation in movement’ and learning new dances. I choreographed many of my own pieces which brought forth five delightful dances which I have started to take to the circle!

A few of the peeps at workshop

During my ‘Surrender to Dance’ workshop we look at my five principles of surrendering and letting go in dance. I held my first workshop at the Sunshine Room Findhorn where participants came and experienced my principles. Starting with my mediation dance Hugsja, the music is from a Norwegian band and is a delight for me, it brings us right to the starting point of breathing with each step a passageway to freedom. I will also be introducing my other dances in 2020.

I am always amazed that the time in a session can go so fast and am pleased that I will get a chance to do a longer session this March in Edinburgh with Katharina Kroeber. We are taking our ‘Spring Tonic’ session to the outside world! Why not come along and have some spring fun with us? See Events page.

Winter Gathering 2019

As the year comes to a close we have been rehearsing for the Winter Gathering and performed for the community with the wonderful live music of Bill Henderson’s Band and choir. See the video Here.

It has been a wild year with lots happening with dancing in the community. I have enjoyed time with the Tuesday group with everything from Yves Moreau to Bach Flower dances. A highlight for myself was joining the Wednesday night teachers that hold sessions within Findhorn which is an honour. I love to help people experience the pleasure of movement. 

My favourite time of year is of course the Sacred Dance Festival which was fantastic fun with Renata and all the other fantastic teachers.

Findhorn Foundation booklet here
Read about the 40 years of Sacred Dance

I realised how much my teaching improved this year, teaching Ceilidh dances with live music for the Moray Art Centre fundraiser with Kathryn Kusa and Rory O’Connell which was such fun! I hope we get to do more in the future as I need to use my new kilt. Although Hogmany is very soon.

Also teaching Tzadik Katamar to live music was one of my highlights. Anna Barton jumped out of the band, where she was playing percussion, and proceeded to tell the story of the Wiseman and the Fool with such gusto. It was very funny.

We had a laugh at how we had fun with it! See the video Here.

The year has also had personal challenges, like my wee dog passing and a house move. I am full of gratitude for my experiences in dancing this year.

Google Dog

I am ready to take on my new role in the Findhorn community as the  New Findhorn Association Administrator which is a great opportunity to get to know the team there. It will be a pleasure to be around the Findhorn community and helping folk get to know more about the NFA.

This coming year is already looking fun, let the dance of life begin and as I go into this year the song which has helped me in times of trouble may give you some comfort and peace….

Click here for peace

I hope you all have a great Christmas and New year “Awe the best for 2020”