I have been enjoying holding Wednesday sessions on a more regular basis. I had a lovely experience this week, I had a chat with a gentleman who has both stayed in the community and visited Findhorn for many years and who has danced with Bernhard Wosien. We talked about dances that he missed and the special way that groups are held within Findhorn. On his last night at our group session (He won’t be back for sometime) I decided to remedy his want for a certain dance, one which I haven’t taught for a long time  “KOS”. I always forget that this dance is a great connector, with fantastic stories to add. I really love this dance and upon digging in my notation stash I came upon more of Bernhard’s work…

It is shouting to me, ‘Revival Time’

Katharina Kroeber had her Dance – Bodytalk workshop recently. It was well attended and was very interesting as she brings a traditional vibration to us with some interesting ideas which get your brain working. I had fun at her workshop and enjoyed interesting talks with other attendees. I love “The carpet girl” dance that she brings. If you are interested in Bodytalk and dancing then this teacher is for you.

I have also been doing a lot of walking in the forest. One of the many things I love about Moray is the mixture of greenery and seascapes. It has been nice to have time to relax now that the winter has arrived and the Summer excitement is over!

Surrender with me!

Come along to Surrender to Dance!

It is now only a week until my first dance workshop. It takes place in the Sunshine Room at Findhorn Park.

I am so happy to bring my five principles of surrender to everyone. These ideas have sustained me in my dance practices and I feel incredibly lucky to be in a position to bring dances which serve the practices well.

For the years that I have been dancing I have performed many dances, each one has been danced again and again in both my living room and at groups where they take me to a peaceful place from which I can then work on other issues in my life. There was a time when healing started taking place in the dance circles for me and I have been wondering & inquiring why this is – In this inquiry I now invite you to hear my way of working – Simple – Kind – Exploration with a fun outlook.

If you are interested in surrendering in dance then come along to my session on 30 November 2019 at the Sunshine Room Findhorn Park Scotland. 

The featured picture is of an angel in the Universal Hall Findhorn which was part of the Birthday celebrations for the Findhorn Foundation.