As the flowers start to poke through the soil, it is clear that the sun is staying with us a little bit longer. We have been having all the seasons here in the Highlands, I seem  to be prepared with hats, umbrellas and thermals at the ready. Walking through the forest tonight I realised that it was still light at 5.30pm! which is such a nice realisation to know that slowly but surely the season is changing.

The Sacred Dance season started at The Universal Hall for those of us leading Wednesday night dance in The Findhorn Community and also for those leading meditative sacred dance on Saturday mornings. I am always very happy when the dancing starts and it’s time to brush off the notations and remember those moves. I always try to revise what I know and dig up all those deep rooted dances that I like to remember! lol

At this time of year the groups can be quite small allowing us to prepare for the summer guests who come to dance in large numbers. I encountered these reminders the other day when I led “The Pilgrim’s Dance” with a small group (usually best with a large group) but it worked nice without holding hands and having space to move, which was very interesting. When it gets busier in the next few months, before the SD festival, I am sure I will get a chance to bring more of my favourite dances to the Wednesday night. 

I am enjoying leading groups in traditional dance, the very grounds on which connections are made. To connect we breathe together as a group which makes all the difference to learning. I am also using my five principles (see my surrender to dance workshops) 

Presently I am practising types of Pravo dances and there is such a variation within them. These dances from the Balkan, Macedonian and Greek (Zonaradiko) areas are danced in an open circle or line. These simple village dances are great for our Wednesday night here in the Findhorn community as we can go straight into the basic dance without much explanation which is a fun way to bring the group together and connect very fluidly. I can see and feel why these dances were made for community celebrations, it just makes sense!

I am happy to announce my ‘Surrender to Dance’ 2020 workshop in the Sunshine Room, Findhorn Community, see more here

My recent trip to London where I danced at the Study Society was great. I had a chance to catch up with some beloved friends and had such fun in a lovely building. How nice it is that they invite us to stay as guests in such a friendly environment. The weather was not the greatest in London this year but I enjoyed sampling some great coffee and went to Whitehalls, one of my favourite coffee shops.

Earlier on in the month I attended St Brigid night with Peter and Sue. During the day we constructed Celtic St Brigid crosses together and at night there was story telling and dance where I helped usher in the St Brigid doll, it was a fun night.

The new Eco pods have arrived at the Findhorn Bay Caravan Park and we got a wee peek at them before they are ready for the guests this year. They look really nice and I can confirm you could do a very small Pravo dance inside lol. I actually like their look and I could live in a pod like this as it has everything you need… not sure about a washing machine tho??? Maybe I will get a better look next time I’m passing. Anyway, I’m sure they will be perfect for those who are coming for the Sacred Dance festival lol.

So I am going to sign of here and get some sessions ready for next month’s SD Wednesday night. I will be updating my events page soon.

Hope all is well with everyone.