June – July 2020

The last few months have been a busy time both online and offline for me. I have been enjoying all the new experiences which have created a whole new way of living and working in the world.

Dancing online has become the new norm and with a whole lot of fantastic videos and events we are spoiled for choice. How wonderful. I have really enjoyed being with people from all over the world, it fits nicely with my sociable nature.

I also attended the Brazilian online sessions with Peter Vallance leading the dance “Iona” for the Brazilian circle of dancers which was great! Bringing his flair of storytelling with pictures of the island Iona to accompany this popular dance. It was great to see him in the actual recording studio which is located in the basement of The Universal Hall. I love the Universal hall and it always feels like home and to see it online when it has been weeks since I have danced there was a mixture of excitement and wanting to be there. I hope that will happen soon! but first, as government rules relax, we will be dancing on the Green in the Park for World Circle Dance Day. There will be 8 people dancing with social distancing, but I’m sure we’ll feel very connected.

Also nice to experience all the Brazilian teachers who taught some lovely dances. It is amazing we are able to do this throughout all the covid-19 situation and I will keep “The Centrepiece” going throughout supporting the Global Dance Family. I have plans to keep it going whatever happens in this bizarre time.

I have been blessed to experience dancing to live music online with musician Michael Mcgahon and his wonderful song “The Green Tree” which has fast become a favorite dance with lots of dancers wanting to repeat it, which will happen at some point on “The Centrepiece”. I have been lucky enough to have been given the permission to use this music at my sessions in the future. Also a few new dances have emerged throughout this time which will become part of my workshops.

My first online version of ‘Surrender to Dance’ workshop was a success and I really enjoyed bringing my style in the dance to life. A wonderful intimate group who were very interested in how I use my principles of surrender in dance, lovely to connect and share that experience with you all. And ‘yes’ to all the people who asked, it will be repeated.

Also we look forward to dancing at The Centrepiece this weekend as part of “World Circle Dance Day” I have been lucky in being able to bring all three teachers (Laura Shannon, Pablo Scornik and Peter Vallance) together to teach the dances the night before the big day, alongside some other teachers see here.

Shakeh Major Tchilingirian has a nice online session which is worth popping along to. Armenian dances really inspire me, they flow so nicely with our circles and bring the much needed space. See Shakeh’s online event here  

I have watched Nanni Kloke’s performances on YouTube, they are also very nice, check them out as they are very relaxing to watch here

I have also started a YouTube channel for The Centrepiece and have uploaded one dance “The Green Tree” as asked for by a few people. I will try to get a few highlights from the past sessions in the next few weeks, time permitting.

How exciting it is that we can still connect this way. And see our friends who cannot visit.

There has been time to go on lots of isolation walks daily, I enjoy them especially when I see animals during my walks along “The River Findhorn”. I’ve even found my own Green Tree! 🙂

Blessings and love to you all at this time 


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