I have been thinking a lot about our world situation and how it has opened up so much discussion, both good and bad, within the world. I was inspired to seek my refuge in dancing online in the midst of all this mayhem. It has certainly been a year remember!

I realise that many people have been affected by lockdown and have been sending my thoughts and best wishes to everyone at this time. As this world changes it feels like we are certainly walking through something which burns us to the core, hearing about loss of life and struggles to keep financially afloat it is quite the struggle to stay positive. I have found through dance and surrender that I have been able to stay in peace with the flow while feeling the ups and downs.

I feel like the Global Sacred Circle dance family has had a great coming together which has taken place during lockdown and this only strengthens our circle more. Maybe we are now closer than before? I have found many connections with different ages and styles of dance within our online circle.

I found myself in awe at some of the teachers who took part on “The Centrepiece” sessions who were very unsure of the whole online platform. They just sparkled when online! Fantastic to see. Also to have dances requested again. I love how “The Green Tree” was loved, the music is great! and I will be repeating it on session 9.

I have been lucky enough to read Stefan Freedmans new book which was a treat and I wrote a wee review for the next Grapevine. I’ve never danced with Stefan and Bethan but it is something I am now looking forward to doing.

Recently I was very honoured to take part in a session for Rodas e Varandas, an online Brazilian group, who are very sweet and creative. I was asked to bring my journey to dance story with some dances. I had a great time with the group and was surprised to see it was also live on YouTube! My goodness I did not expect that lol. I did four dances, one of which had come to me in the last week. My thoughts of the world pandemic and giving prayer and blessing to the situation inspired “The Fire You Walk Through” dance. I feel we are all walking through this change in the world and every prayer and blessing is needed. So let’s walk through this fire together!

I really want to thank all the Findhorn Tuesday night dancers and teachers in Findhorn as I know they have been instrumental in my teachings. They have lots of wisdom which is much appreciated by me and I am sure the wider community.

We have started to venture into dancing outside yippee! Distanced and less numbers due to government guidelines. We are currently trialing scarfs and also with some dances hands free. It seems like a big experiment and we have to be very aware, which is not too bad so we can dance in human company again. Guests are being put on a list to enable us to keep the numbers at a minimum or as UK calls them Bubbles. I taught ‘Ambee Dagets’ on the the green but I think it is best in the hall where it somehow feels right at home there. I feel the ‘Rom’ dances work very well outside. Amazing how the ground we walk on changes everything in movement. I am looking forward to seeing guests arrive again as I have missed our local dancers from the wider community.

I am starting to get back to work at the office in the park and it was nice to get a sense of normality and walk around the forest a bit more free.

So onward and upwards, lets see how lockdown eases and hope to get back to the Universal hall in the coming months (fingers crossed)

See you at the next “The Centrepiece” Session 9 which has some lovely teachers and we will honor Braz Juniors sad passing. He was very excited about bringing his dance to session 9. Tatiana Gorenstein has agreed to teach the dance on his behalf to honour him. We also some great live music and dances, it’s looking to be a flowing and musical night! join here

Look forward to seeing you soon



PS A big Thank You to Oceana Rum who donated one of her homemade eco candles for tonight in Brazilain colours 🙂

PPS I will add a ‘Surrender to Dance’ workshop in the near future as requested