At the start of 2020 I wanted to go to another country and learn some dances in the traditional way, but alas we ended up with a bit of a situation world wide so it never happened. Instead I ended up learning from scratch how to utilise Zoom and be on screen! And although I have been on stage many times in the past, I haven’t in the previous ten years presented anything in public, so I was very nervous 🙂

It has been like passing a threshold, scary but also tender and fun. I am very much aware that the Sacred Dance scene has changed because of this situation. People became frustrated with technology, no holding hands, hugs etc, I understand this and wish to say how amazed I was at how people found their way to learning this vast field. It was also not a place where I wanted to be as it merges with my current computer work. However it has brought so much connection and joy I have totally embraced it.

It seems like Zoom/Facebook/YouTube live has thrown the Sacred Dance world into a bit of an online frenzy with so much choice. It has been great to see everyone out there working so hard to keep the spirit alive! I salute you all 🙂

The Findhorn Sacred Dance group has still been taking place with smaller groups. The social distancing and inability to connect hands makes me a little sad as I feel the connection of hands just makes some of these dances so special. It brings home to me that I really enjoy the social aspect of these circles. We don’t always need to talk but it is the energy in the group circle that is something in-explainable but very comforting. I have also enjoyed dancing outside with the group which I had not taken part in a lot before, now it is every week lol

I have also enjoyed dancing around the fires which Peter Vallance and Sue Clutterbuck kindly produced for the group who teach dances for various themes, Solstice and such days. The one thing I could not believe was that we managed to sit with Gabriele Wosien for a weekend. We did not think it possible but with social distancing and awareness our group managed to enjoy a weekend with her. It is nice to see everyone in person and see them smile.

Another fun group on Zoom which I started with some other community members was a ‘Living room Lip Sync’ session with a chance to be silly and have some fun on Zoom. The first one was so much fun with lots of dressing up and lip syncing, which actually isn’t in sync on Zoom, as the stars. It was all about having fun and connection 🙂 Our 80’s night was a blast. I hope to do another in the new year… for more details and to watch the video – See here

My working life throughout this Covid situation has changed and I am aware it has impacted the way we work. I feel fortunate enough to be able to work remotely although I do really miss being out and about around the park and various locations. I am sure as the new year comes around this will improve. The Findhorn community has been in constant change throughout the year and it seems it still is, with lots of people returning home at the moment. I am amazed at how people have taken to the online world, I hope we can get to be in more groups, especially singing groups which it has taken a toll on. Let’s hope we can get out and about soon!

So, the good news is “The Centrepiece” will continue into 2021.

I have added posters and events to Facebook, so please come and connect with your global circle…

January will be a celebration of Scottish Sounds and we hope to bring you a wee bit of Scotland to your heart. It’s titled “Roamin’ in the Gloamin”

At this time of isolation and fear it is a blessing to have our form of movement meditation ongoing to survive and flourish, it’s amazing and shows our essence as a whole.

Being at one with movement is actually helping me to overcome every type of energy I encounter, dancing in and out of the light so to speak.

I offer “The Centrepiece” as a thank you to you all who come and take part in this movement. My thoughts are still with Anna Barton and would like to dedicate this whole project to our Grandmother of Sacred Dance at this turning of the year. 

With much love and hugs