“Dances of the Summer Sun”

Sat 27th May 2023

@ 19:30 UK TIME

Dear Dancers,

I hope this message finds you well and in good spirits this Sunday evening. 

Last night was such a delightful way to welcome the Spring season, even though we had a surprise snowfall today! I couldn’t believe it – I’m so grateful I hadn’t packed away my trusty woolly hat just yet.

On Saturday morning, I had the pleasure of leading a session in the Universal Hall Dance drama studio with Francecea. The group was lively and friendly, and we had a great time dancing a mix of Irish and Scottish dances, as well as some meditative ones.

The days are still getting warmer and we’re excited to announce our first dance on the dancing green next weekend. Can you believe it? It feels like just yesterday we were getting ready for winter. But now, it’s time to bust out our dancing shoes and enjoy the fresh air. Let’s celebrate this beautiful season together!

Last night’s Centrepiece was absolutely wonderful. It felt like we were all part of one big global family, and Shakeh’s Shoror dance really stood out to me. I’m excited to try it out with a group in the future. Laura’s slideshow was informative and beautiful, paired with Kostantis’ live music on the saz was incredibly healing. Bobbi’s dance was poignant and powerful, and I feel so grateful to have her as part of “The Centrepiece” regular presenters. 

Artist Eliane Piccardi was creating some intuitive art during the event, and I am sharing it with you below. The colours seemed to match perfectly with the poetry that was shared, which was a beautiful quote by Rumi: 

“We began as mineral. We emerged into plant life, and into the animal state, and then into being human, and always we have forgotten our former states, except in early spring when we slightly recall being green again.”


Pia was also with us, all the way from Lesvos, and she shared a lovely dance to end the evening. I’ve linked it in the music video below to this beautiful dance. We also danced “The Bells of Norwich” which made myself and Kunie smile.

The event was filled with playful energy and blessings from the angels of play, and I hope you can all feel that energy and enjoy the start of the new season. 

The next “The Centrepiece” is on May 27th, 2023, but before that, I’m inviting you all to join me on a journey to Scotland with “Across the Lands”. We’ll take a road trip from Auld Reekie (Edinburgh) to Findhorn, visiting some hotspots along the way. You can book your spot here, and keep an eye out for the Edinburgh Festival schedule, which will be going up this week.

It was wonderful to see everyone looking so healthy and happy last night. Spring truly glows from everyone, and I’m sending big hugs to you all. The dance list is below with some notations added to the vault. See you all very soon, and blessings from Scotland!



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