I remember at a very young age being lined up in a gymnasium at my primary school paralysed by fear of connecting with others. This was Scottish Dance in a rough Scottish neighborhood in Edinburgh.

Although I was last to be picked (mmm still have that feeling inside lol) I remember enjoying it and the class being over in a flash. In my youth, Scottish Dance wasn’t cool and was a bit of a drag to get people join in. I always enjoyed the music and the freedom to move, and of course it beat being in a stuffy classroom.

Later in life, in my 40’s, I find myself a Sacred Dance teacher and my first dance to teach, during training, was The Angus Reel. I could not believe that I was given a Scottish dance! I saw it through and really enjoyed teaching it. My realisation that, in fact, the Scottish dances seem fun to teach and I have a big connection with them, no surprise really!

But it was a surprise for me that I can actually call these dances. Last month I went one step further into the realms of my Scottish roots and called a dance with live music at a ceilidh. It was really great to experience and have now embraced a few more dances from my childhood. I am also going back to basics and re-learning some of the holds which I never knew the name of too.

Come October 4th there is a Ceilidh in The Moray Art Centre which is a fundraiser for the building.  Our local team of dance teachers will be teaching with fantastic live music.

So it is time to embrace the shortbread, have a wee dram, don the kilt and show some knees.

If you fancy a relaxed and fun night swing your kilt over too.

Further details at the Moray Art Centre’s Facebook page