September 2019

I’ve had an interesting few weeks and my dance workshop is suddenly coming together. Writing all the dance notation out and putting them together is a new thing for me.

My time has suddenly opened to play more with the workshop concepts, and boy I’m enjoying that side of it. The creativity to be had within movement is very strong, it feels nice to create original pieces.

Still fascinated by surrendering to movement and looking forward to Gabriele Wosien’s visit to Findhorn this weekend. Gabriele has both a weekend and week course for Dervish Turning and also teaches some Sacred Dance in the afternoons which are always fun and loving. Check out my Events page to see the dates and you may be inspired to come along.

I was in Edinburgh recently and stepped out of the Highlands and into the urban environment to visit family. It is always a weird experience being back in Edinburgh as buildings change, new shops open, buses change colour and people seem to walk faster 🙂

I enjoy doing a bit of shopping when I’m with family and cherish the small things like having lunch and talking about life’s simple things which are so familiar. As there are many traditional Scottish shops I did try on a few kilts, and yes I will one day appear wearing one. The whole experience of trying a kilt on and learning how to wear it is interesting as I never knew the names of all the various accessories. Shame on me and my Scottish heritage lol. I have not worn a kilt since secondary school and never had a Sgian Dubh before. I opted for the Irish connection as my dad’s family are from Irish decent and it was something I was very aware of growing up. I purchased an Irish Sgian Dubh and Kilt pin with a Scottish Clan Kilt which has a connection to an area in my family. 

Interesting link about wearing a Sgian Dubh here

In Edinburgh as I wandered around Princes St Gardens I got the confidence to try some dance steps around the water fountain. I probably looked completely mad but what a feeling of freedom. It’s a nice place to dance and maybe one day we can make it happen??? Anyone??? I see Elm being danced here given that the trees are being cut down.

I enjoyed an Our Wullie, (a Scottish comic character), bucket trail/Festival which was fun as I loved reading his books when I was a bairn. So many nice colours and people. The festival was raising money for charity and was located in St Andrew’s Square and with the sun making an appearance made it all the more enjoyable.

I have officially started taking full dance sessions at the Wednesday night Sacred Dance in Findhorn. I’ve got to give much gratitude to everyone who helped me reach that space. My first full session was fun and I even got to do one of my own dances, a little Ukrainian song and dance which will be in my workshop.

Exciting news…

My “Surrender to Dance” workshop will be taking place on 30th November 2019 in the Sunshine Room, The Park, Findhorn. For more information please see my Events page.