The 2019 Sacred Dance Festival ended on Saturday after a week of dancing with 75+ people in the Universal Hall in our ECO village community.

An amazing array of people arrived on Saturday and quickly settled into dancing from 9am until 10:30pm and even in the cafe afterward. We had a large group from Brazil and others from Argentina amongst other European countries. It is really an amazing place to meet other dancers from all around the world.

Sacred Dance Festival 2019

On the first night I helped to demonstrate a dance with a teacher and few others from the Findhorn Sacred Dance Group, Nanni Kloke “Depth of the Earth”, which everyone enjoyed dancing. With Live music from the very talented Sheila and her choir amazing rendition of this beautiful song.

Our headline teacher for the week, Renata from Brazil, who is very friendly and has a way of teaching which is very accessible for all levels. We were treated to a collection of new dances from teachers from Brazil and also Renata’s choreographed dances. Some very fast-paced lively songs which you could feel had Brazilian soul and some dances which were reminded me of a nice flowing walk in the park.

Renata presented a slide show about parks in Brazil that hold circle dances in which people are free to join as they pass and it is very popular. It has also become a therapy recognized by the government with thanks to the teachers there who have fought for this decision.

The week flowed very well with Susanne Bartholomaei leading us into the day. She taught how to flow into a dance with stretching and dancing techniques which I enjoyed. Her use of stillness in dance gives way to body movements freeing up and flowing in a more natural and unconstrained way. I felt ready to take on the day after these sessions!

Laura Shannon Sessions

Laura Shannon taught traditional dance sessions with her husband and band members who provided excellent live music to dance to. I enjoyed these dances as they have energy which is very stable and comforting. Laura’s singing is also very good and it compliments the festival and Findhorn vibe so well.

This year the local teachers who I dance with regularly did a session with a ‘water’ theme. Their Meditative Sacred Dance group who meet in the Moray Art Centre weekly did so well and it was a pleasure to see them create a session for the festival.

Brant with the Meditative Sacred Dance teachers from the Moray Art Centre who meet every sat… here in The Findhorn community!

Peter Vallance held the whole thing together and also hosted a Ceilidh in full Scottish regalia! He also held his famous Indian dance night where we all danced with the live music of the Bhajan Band, a very talented and focused group of musicians, who had the lovely Barbara Swetina guest play with them. She also hosted another night and brought her talented self to the floor to sing and dance, how wonderful.

(Pictures above are from Findhorn Sacred Dance, Peter Vallance Indian Night! & Bill Henderson last night)

I feel this festival gives so much in a week. It is full of talent and love for the Sacred and Traditional Dances and even the history, which we always look back at as a reminder that it would not have happened if people like Bernard Wosien or Anna Barton had not put energy into it.

I feel full of love for the dances and people involved. We are a large connected circle which is ever-changing.

Now to look to next years 2020 Sacred dance festival! I hear there is a certain teacher coming which I have never danced with! yippee!

check out the Sacred Dance Festival 2020 poster on “Events”