It has been a wonderful few dance weeks with Gabriele Wosien on her dance course “The Still Point Moving World” and enjoying sessions in the Universal Hall with guests and also the Tuesday group. It was great to see Gabriele again on her travels, we learned so many new dances I feel so full of gratitude!

This was my fourth year on Gabriele’s course, she is such a fun and experienced dancer who keeps you on your toes so to speak! I love her humour, gentleness and knowledge of these divine dances. Gabriele’s passion and storytelling is a true strength and keeps us all focused on what comes next!

Gabriele’s course started at Cluny on the Saturday afternoon, with a mixed group of people on the week long course and a weekend taster of the Dervish turning which is a spiritual practice from the Sufi Mevlevi order and said to be one of the most sacred dances!

It’s an interesting practice which was brought to us by the Persian poet and Sufi Mystic –  Jalaluddin Muhammad Balkhi Rumi and family. We were also blessed with musicians and turners from London who played live music during the ceremony which was amazing. I even had a go on my favourite instrument, the Nay, which will remain my favourite to listen to (not to play, I will stick to guitar lol) it is such an amazing sound!

Gabriele also taught dances which she has choreographed, a mixture of sun and moon dances and dances based on geometry. I am hoping to teach one or two of her dances in the future.

The group was very sweet and it’s always nice being in Cluny for the week.
How nice when I think of cluny it reminds me of tea and toast! and the beautiful ballroom we are luck to enjoy!

Bad news which has totally thrown me off my routine…

I am grieving the loss for my wee dog, Google, who passed away suddenly of a seizure on Saturday 12th October. Google was 14 years old and had been struggling with movement for the last year. We had found her online from a rescue shelter when she was 7 months old. She had been left in a room and not socialised so we had work to do when she arrived. We managed to fix her separation anxiety and she enjoyed walks with our dog walker once a week with other dogs. She was a puppy till the end, very loving and sweet. It is funny how my house can feel empty without her throwing toys at me! I will miss falling over her when practicing dancing too lol. Our time together enjoying her favourite foods, banana or peanut butter, or just cuddling on the sofa I will miss very much. I am just glad she passed with me there and I got to say goodbye.

The dog aid society was our support throughout our time with Google who brought her into our life if you look for a charity to give to at anytime the best dog charities in scotland are these who practically helped us when we struggled with Google’s Behavior (as she was a rescue dog) or needed help with finding training they where the best!. Dog aid society or Edinburgh cat and dog home – who are fantastic holiday boarding kennels as well as a charity which not many people know about.

Now for the good news…

My first session/workshop called “Surrender to Dance” will be take place on Saturday 30 November 3:00pm – 5:30pm. This is part of a series of workshops that Katherina Kroeber and myself have been working on.

Before my session, Katherina has the first in the series of our mini workshops “Body Intelligence” which is taking place this weekend. Why not book now?

For more detail please go to my Events page here

Featured photo is Kathryn Kusa’s Beautiful centerpieces – this one has the autumn feeling with mushrooms fresh from the forest in the community!