Dear Dancing Friends,

Last night we had a wonderful and connective session. My seated dance “Surrender All” started off the evening and got us breathing and in the mood to get moving. You can stretch into this movement quite a bit and either go slow or fast which is a nice option to have in an online environment, I do have a normal dance to this which I will be doing again on my Serenity Sunday in August information below.

Gwyn Peterdi’s dance got us moving and felt lighthearted and fun, I do want to revisit this as it’s a perfect beginners’ dance too.
Also great to see Laura Shannon and her dance get us in the mood for WCDD and all the other dances which will be at the festival this year. I wonder if the tiny dancer will appear on The Centrepiece from the Universal Hall? he seems to be getting quite famous now!

Kunie gave us a lovely poem and I have added it below for you to read…

It was so nice to be joined by Katharina Kroeber with her water dance. She has some lovely dances to offer so if you are here in the Park at festival time try to get to her session at the Sunshine room! The Schedule with times and locations is below…

We were also treated to a dance by Zecca Junior, Mãe Lua ,which is a favourite of mine and I know others love it too. So nice to have Zecca come to the Centrepiece with us, what a great guy!

We finished the night with Shakeh and she tuned us out with a classic dance, Offering Govand ,which I instantly feel harmony with. Reminding us that grounding yourself is part of connecting, what a lovely dance to do at anytime.

We thank all our great presenters for supporting and joining us around The Centrepiece.

by Koutarou Takamura (1883 – 1956)

No path lies in fron of me
As I press on
My path appers behind me,
Who made me walk on my own
Boundless Father
Don’t turn away
but keep watching over me
Fill me always with your strength
For the long journey ahead
For the long journey ahead

Session 32 was indeed a special night as we sank into connection with the angel of Efficiency, a particularly good angel for our week ahead as the Findhorn Sacred Dance team plan ahead for the upcoming Findhorn Sacred Dance Festival. We are lucky enough to have The Centrepiece session 33 with a world circle dance day special and special guests in the Universal Hall… how exciting! Our Friends will come together in harmony and connection both in person and on Zoom with the open heart that has sustained us over the last few years. Peter and our team have been hard at work sorting out dances, coordinating with people to make the festival as fun as usual, but taking care of you as well 🙂 we can’t wait to have you with us!…

The Centrepiece session 33 is on 10th July at 15:20 (3:20pm) UK time your Zoom code Will be sent out nearer the time! and will be sent out a few days before. Be there in time to join us and our worldwide circle dance family!
New date for the next Serenity Sunday @ The Centrepiece added below for August and hope to see you there!
Free entry, donation appreciated – Click here
A wonderful chance to dance and have silence reflection.

Hope to see you all at the findhorn Sacred Dance festival very soon and big hugs to all!


August brings us The Centrepiece 34 @The Edinburgh Festival please join in as we take you on the high seas with “Dances of The sea” see links below! The Festival season has started here in Scotland!