Dear Dancing Friends,
Are you enjoying the summer?

I hope you can feel the heat as you rest. I have been resting on Sunday as its been a full week working with the festival and enjoying presenters such as Nanni Kloke,  Laura Shannon and Peter Vallance and many more…

I have been reading poetry as it always soothes my soul as I find myself retreating for a day or so….this came to me…. and I’d like to share 

I enjoyed being around “The Centrepiece” together @ The Findhorn Sacred Dance Festival and it was such a privilege to be welcomed to The Universal Hall and to the Festival in 2022.

I was very happy that we were joined by community member Iona Leigh playing harp and we were able to dance along with her. Iona is a wonderful musician who was taught by Barbara Swetina.

Barbara presented and taught a dance while singing and playing Accordion while also managing to play Accordion with me for a few minutes, I hear that some never got the sound over Zoom, well fear not as I will be adding it to YouTube as soon as it is edited.

We welcomed a mixture of old and new faces to the festival this year. And one familiar face which is always lovely to welcome is Renata Ramos from Brazil who took on the task of bringing one of the World Circle Dance Day dances alongside Peter Vallance and Laura Shannon. Laura’s beautiful Ukrainian dance and Peter’s classic Elm. What an honour to have Gywn Peterdi with us on screen and perform these dances together.

Another friend who visited us here in person was Tatiana Gorenstein who brought her own dance, a lovely soft dance with music to a Psalm called Lev Tahor, which I am sure we will do again as it is very powerful. It was great to meet her in person 🙂

We ended with Bobbi Bailin’s lovely dance Psalm of the Prairie. We chatted with her online and then I taught the dance variation. I have fallen in love with this version and people have asked to do it again in other sessions, so nice to have you all with us.

I did miss seeing all your faces and interacting with you online this time around as it just wasn’t technically possible in the hall, however it will be back to the headquarters this month as we go to the Edinburgh Festival Online Fringe “Dances of the Sea”. Do come and join us round The Centrepiece as we celebrate online dancing @ The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022.

Be there in time to join us and our worldwide circle dance family!

Presenters listed on my website here

Due to continuing low contributions we will still be limited to 100 guests for the next session. If you would like to help us financially to keep The Centrepiece running we would be very grateful. You can donate here…

I look forward to seeing you all around The Centrepiece, until then take care and big hugs from Scotland.