The Centrepiece Sessions 2022
“Hear The Drumbeat”
Sat 24th September 2022
@ 7:30 UK TIME

Host Brant Bambery

Dear Dancing Friends,

Good evening, last night we took to the seas with our presenters and it was a joyful occasion.

What a lovely way to spend some time, it was certainly a night of lovely dances which flowed like the seas even with the bumps of having our musicians disappear as their internet had gone down! They were very upset by missing the session especially after completing the sound check just before the session. Such a pity, however they send their apologies and will hopefully be on in one of our future sessions.

Instead we had a lovely Rumi poem read by myself which I have added below. The night started with getting our sails ready with my dance “Wee Callum” Beag, a lovely fun little dance where we can get our sails up whatever condition they are in! This is a dance which I have been teaching with online groups recently.

Rumi Poetry

It is always nice to take part in the Edinburgh Online Fringe widening our circles just a little bit more. I loved all the dances… Shakeh’s dance was one of my favourites as I love that fast beat and rhythm. It was nice to have Laura back on The Centrepiece, she has been so much support and I have so much gratitude for her being with us online, such a wonderful dance and full of grace.

Bobbi’s dance really flowed with energy and encapsulated the feeling of waves. It was great to repeat Lesley’s dance. We are very lucky to sometimes have the chance to redo dances and get to know them a little better. It was also nice that Bobbi and Lesley got to be on a session together again as they have real connection which is lovely to see.

I always love to see groups dance and that was extra special with Tatiana Gorenstein tonight, so great to see the Brazilian spirit here on the Centrepiece.

Also thanks go out to our presenters, to help you we have some of the notations available in the vault.

Please check out the events as bookings are open for “Across the Lands” with our lovely Renata Ramos who is looking forward to you joining her special tour of Brazil.. let’s join Renata on this one and only tour! – See below with other events

I will be in Germany soon for my second training with Friedel Kloke Eibl and am excited about going! I am really enjoying learning some of the dances and would love to continue… I hope to provide a class in community free as a thank you to all my contributors after my basic training is over… if you feel you can support my GoFundme Campaign here is the link

I thank you all for support and hope you are all very well, I look forward to seeing you very soon.


PS.. we have some great events upcoming check here