The Centrepiece Sessions 2023

 “Expanding into Springtime”

Sat 25th March 2023
@ 19:30 UK TIME

Dear Dancing Friends,

Hope you are well and enjoyed the transitional  energy during our dance session last night.

It was a lovely evening with great presenters and as always so nice to connect with our large community. It was also fun to dance “Winds on the Tor” and you can find the link for the teaching video below with the other videos from our presenters. 
It was a so nice to have Yvonne Cuneo with us providing a reading and reminding us of Eileen Caddy’s book… 

I really enjoyed Evi Beck’s Pravo, it was such an uplifting dance with great music! Also Evi celebrated her 90th Birthday with us! Well done Evi, congratulations you are such an inspiration to us all.

Pablo Scornik was delighted to perform Joy for us.  It was nice to see him again as he shared his vision for 2023 ,always a pleasure to dance with him. 

Friedel provided us with an insight into her vision for the year ahead and I love what she suggested about naming the year. I love the name she chose – “Joy of the Heart” It is already my joy to say I will embark upon this year by starting my three year training with Friedel and Saskia Kloke which starts in March. I am so excited and joyful. Friedel also shared some information about Bernard which is in her new book, always great to hear about our roots.

We had Chrissandra Harris, accompanied by her dance group, perform her dance “Happiness Is” It was so nice to see them dancing together. Chrissandra will be coming to Findhorn in July, further information below…. bookings are open now.

Tatiana Gorenstein presented her new dance, what lovely music and movements… always great to learn about the Jewish communitie’s language and beliefs.

I hope you will join us on our special visit to dances from our past sessions on Sunday  12th  February  2023..@ 6:30pm UK Time 
Myself and Tatiania will be revisiting some much loved dances with chances to repeat them,  and possibly fall in love all over again!  Book Here to not miss out…

The next “The Centrepiece”  will be on March 25th…
“Expanding into Springtime”  Changing of the Seasons…
As normal, we will be joined by lots of great presenters, see below.  I look forward to dancing with you again very soon.- More info here

Hugs from Scotland


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Friedel Kloke Eibl has gifted her Talk which she did for The Centrepiece “Roots of Sacred Dance – 2 Continuing the Memories” to you to watch it is below on our YouTube channel….
Many thanks to Friedel and Saskia,
Last nights ” The Centrepiece ”  will become available in the coming months.

New video – Last years Roots of sacred dance part two  – Continuing the memories
with Friedel and Saskia Kloke