Welcome to The Centrepiece Sessions 2023
 “What’s Your Vision?”
Sat 21th January 2023
@ 7:30 UK TIME
Dear Dancing Friends,

Hope you are well and in good spirits after our dance session last night.

Barbara Swetina joined me at home, it was so nice to have her grace The Centrepiece in person as well as online! It really felt like a hybrid show for me lol…
Barbara played the bass recorder in a tender way which  brought music to our souls. Barbara’s dance was also wonderful and I look forward to trying it again soon, it was a lovely meditative dance. I’ve added some  information below about her upcoming music event at Findhorn over the New Year period in case anyone is passing through! A joyous time to sing with Barbara and friends.

The presenters were again great last night, I really enjoyed everyone’s dances. Hazel Young’s dance is such a classic winter melody for me, I didn’t know this dance so it will be swiftly going into my repertoire. My Wednesday group will be dancing along to it this week which I’m sure they will love.

It was great to catch up with Shakeh, our friend and Centrepiece regular, who brings so much wisdom and light to the Zoom room.  I have to thank her for being so helpful throughout the year, I am in awe that she is so open to the call of the dance. Thank you Shakeh. 

Lize de Block has been such a joy to work with, her gracious sharing of her and her father’s story in the dance is wonderful to hear. Maybe we can discover more one day,  I think it would be lovely to share history and some more of her dances.

The lovely Estela Gomes choose an upbeat dance. It brought diversity and the Brazilian spirit to us.

I thank all who took time and effort over this year to both present and provide technical support. A big thank you to Emma Logan and Tatiana Gorenstein who over this year has helped me so much with her time. Also, Frances Rose for Translation duties and friendship and of course all the dancers, viewers  and financial supporters who make it happen by dropping by, dancing, chatting and hanging out with us. What a wonderful community we have here on The Centrepiece.

I am off to my last basic training with Friedel Kloke in December,  I’m eternally grateful for all the support. I will keep you all posted on social media as usual.

I am excited to get sometime to relax over the holiday season,  I hope to snuggle up and watch some films and go walking by the river. I hope you all have plans to keep dancing online? I will be dropping by to some of your lovely offerings at some point during the holidays. Recently I hungout with Pete Morton and Barbel online at one of his great weekly concerts, such fun and so friendly to be involved in a session he even takes requests! 

I hope to see you when we come back on  Saturday 21st January  2023..@“The Centrepiece” session 38 “whats your Vision?”.
The presenters are currently on “The Centrepiece” website.

We will be joined by lots of great presenters, see below (more maybe added) 

Let’s start the New Year off with a look inside and see what is needed for the year ahead. We will be joined by a special guest to guide you. 

Let’s get our light glowing for 2023!!! 

Hugs from Scotland


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Some pictures of Last nights Winter Joy.

Last Nights Presenters 

The Centrepiece Session 37  Last Night’s Presenters
If you are interested in any notations please feel free to connect with myself or the presenter we will try to help you.


Dance – Brant Bambery – Scotland/Findhorn – Perfect Symphony choreographed by Daniela Mazzoni  – Music -Guarda “Andrea & Matteo Bocelli – Perfect Symphony (Ed Sheeran Cover) Radio 2 Piano Room – Video here

Dances/Music – Barbara Swetina – Findhorn – Quam pulchra es

Dance – Shakeh major tchilingirian – Armenia/England – Shavali-Xosh bilazig

Dances – Lize de Block – Brazil – Dime cómo ser pan – Salomé Arricibit

Dances – Hazel Young – England – Good Tidings – Website 

Dances – Estela Gomes – Brazil – Meu Pedaço de Rua