13th April 2019 – Nanni Kloke’s Harmony Method

I attended Nanni’s course in 2017 and was blown away with her fun, sense of energy and choice of music which is very healing. Taking me from tender group fun to going within and feeling a heavenly connection.

This time, May 2019, was just as special and her dances are a real chance to stretch my brain muscles and engage my relaxation so I can learn in a productive way.

Our group had a blend of nationalities which both Nanni and focaliser dance teacher Suzanne hold in such a special and sacred way.

The week before starting the course I had been practicing traditional dance for months in preparation for teaching on Wednesday nights in the Findhorn community with a live band. So walking into a week of choreographed dances threw me a little. I always forget how heaven and earth works and at the start of this week my energy was very interesting to feel.

I do love Nanni Kloke;s style of dancing and it feels like a freedom which is sometimes beyond my language. I totally threw myself at it and enjoyed the warmth of the group and it was nice to talk to people who have been dancing for a such long time and learn more about how they teach.

Nanni has a method of meditation dances that teaches how to feel the breath and movements in ways I had never thought of and this will certainly be useful for me in the future. The new booklet produced by Nanni is detailed and well planned.

As soon as I had completed the first morning I was now in the space where my body was slowly remembering how to move, and Nanni’s meditation dances really helped to shift my awareness to feel my body’s movements. She has such a well thought out method of helping people to go deeper in the dances and push the boundaries of movement! I really enjoyed her fast paced dances too which everyone, no matter the age, joined in.

I enjoyed our week at Cluny and my biggest wish of the week was granted – to learn one of Nanni’s older dances. She was so happy to show us and we even danced it outside. So if you come on a Wednesday night I will be able to teach “The Depth of the Earth”, one of my favourite dances.

So a big thanks to Nanni and company. Keep doing what you are doing. I love it!

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