17th May 2019 a centrepiece musing

One special thing about the Sacred Dance tradition in Findhorn is the candle and beautiful displays which I constantly see. I love looking at the seasons within a display, it is nice to see the ivy and the berries in the winter and the dandylions come out with the sun.

I felt a bit funny at first doing the centre piece as I am not really the gardening type, although my family is from farmland in Ireland so there maybe something in me? Since being in the community I have learnt a bit about flowers and the seasons. It’s been a real education for this city boy.

Flowers can invoke many emotions and candles are like the soul in the centre burning throughout!

Brant Bambery

The flowers and plants I like to use for my centerpieces are usually found in my garden and consist of some nice leafs from brushes intertwined with one or two small bits of lavender and blossoms, or if I can find them plain simple daffodils.

I really love a very simple arrangement with a candle displayed on my best pottery centrepiece with some acorns and an angel card or a small object that carries a memory. Very simple minimal centrepieces can be so beautiful.

The Universal Hall has a fantastic wooden candle holder centrepiece which is beloved by many. Just dancing with it in the centre does carry something special. Maybe I will get a photograph of it and ask others who have dance around it for sometime where it came from and who made it? mmmm a question for the future!