I am really inspired after my trip with friends and dancers to The Study Society in London. I really love what they are doing there, so many things which interest me from Rumi poetry to G.I. Gurdjieff’s Movements.

While in London I enjoyed visiting a few places of interest. The William Morris Gallery had such interesting designs which I particularly like, the
Saint Cecilia stained glass window it really is beautiful. The story of Saint Cecilia captured my imagination at school. I remember looking at this story and wondering how she managed to play so many instruments, she is pictured playing different instruments in art throughout the world, I always thought how talented. The exhibition is a great place to relax and has food stalls outside and an excellent coffee shop where we grabbed a bite to eat.

As I’m also learning to weave we visited The Handweavers Studio which had really friendly staff and workshop space. I was very close to purchasing a small Inkle loom, but as I was traveling and I have access to looms at the Findhorn Studio I restrained myself lol.

Within my weaving time, I am trying to make a belt for my dancing with a belt hold. I have used one of these in practice and just love the idea of how that binds a group together. Maybe I should chat about that in another blog as I’m fascinated by the use of belts in folk dancing. These dances are a skill and have so much to think about when teaching.

I have also been practicing some Yves Moreau dances. I am learning them one by one and repeating them over and over lol. It is so great to have a group of experienced people around as they point out things which really help. I am really looking forward to teaching some of them.

Now I am getting ready for the Sacred Dance Festival which is in a week’s time. I am looking forward to dancing for the whole week!